Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

Buddies begin a company proposing £15 online house haircut tours-throughs by barbers to bypass lockdown catastrophes


As a result of this, some people have chosen to give themselves home haircuts during the lockdown, with often disastrous results.

The nation’s hairdressers now have to contend with how to keep their businesses open with no customers and also seeing their favourite clients screw up all their hard work,

Two friends have teamed up to help matters, creating a service called Lockdown Haircut where barbers walk customers through their home haircuts on video call.

Each consultation – which is for a 20-minute haircut – can be booked online and costs £15, with the money split between the barber who does your consultation and the NHS.

Save yourself from the bowl cut (unless you want one, of course) (Picture: Lockdown Haircut)

Barbers offering their advice can choose to donate their portion, and when you book an appointment you can also add an extra £5 on top towards the health service.

Customers need their own electric razor/clippers, comb, and laptop with webcam. They can do their own haircut (with advice, of course) or recruit a family member or housemate to get busy with the clippers.

The barbers on the service come from top salons across the UK and are all professionally qualified.

Site creators Dan and Jeroen (Picture: Lockdown Haircut)

The service was founded by two friends from London, Dan Silvertown, 27, and Jeroen Sibia, 31.

The pair of entrepreneurs previously co-founded an online recruitment company called Swap and prior to that were bankers and management consultants in the City.

They said of their idea: ‘With the prospect of a lockdown extension looming and Zoom video becoming the new normal, we were staring down the barrel of a DIY haircut over the Easter weekend.

Dan has already got a fresh trim on the service (Picture: Lockdown Haircut)

‘Keen to avoid the dreaded bowl cut from mum, we tried and failed to find an alternative. And so Lockdown Haircut was born.’

‘We had the idea Tuesday afternoon and loved the idea so much we basically worked on it non-stop until Thursday morning,’ said Dan.

‘The reception has been amazing, it shows real community spirit that so far every barber we’re working with has offered to donate their wages to the NHS.’

Despite only launching yesterday they’ve already lined up dozens of haircuts, so the need is definitely there.

Jeroen said: ‘By no means will this replace going to an actual local barber but for now, it’s the next best thing.’

“We wanted to save the world from DIY haircut disasters.”

You can book or your appointment here, or if you’re a barber who wants to get involved, email

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