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    Rortix Most Popular E-Commerce Site Of Comilla Bangladesh

    A new e-commerce site has come up in Comilla. It is founded by MD. Masuk Alam Noton. Co-founders are some of his friends MD. Faisal Hossain Fahim, Rayana Ferdous and Rafia Bintey Rafiq Tonny.

    MD. Masuk Alam Noton and three of his friends set up their first e-commerce site in Comilla for this purpose. Their e-commerce site has been approved by the government. Their e-commerce site has many offers. Their e-commerce site plan is different from other e-commerce sites. At present Rortix e-commerce site is one of the most popular e-commerce website in Comilla. In future they have plans to sell products all over Bangladesh. They have a special slogan, Rortix - Search for the Best.

    website: https://rortix.com/

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